In 1st grade this week I can


Question of the Week: How are plant and animal communities important to each other?

  • Concept: Animals and Plants
  • Listening Comprehension: Author’s Purpose
  • Phonemic Awareness: Distinguish Between Long u and /u/
  • Phonics and Spelling: Long u: u_e; Long e: e_e
  • Fluency: Oral Rereading/Paired Reading & Discussions
  • Conventions: Singular and Plural Nouns
  • Writing: Description


In Math we will continue learning different strategies to solve for subtraction and addition word problems. Students will learn how to use addition to check subtraction, use related facts, and strategies to find the missing number.

Social Studies:

This week in Social Studies we will continue to learn about France. We will discuss traditions, culture, and holidays..


In Science we will be having our Heritage Projects presentations on Wednesday. Poster boards are due on Tuesday, and parents are asked to send in a traditional dish with their child for lunch after presentations on Wednesday.